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Koen Lauwaert

Was born near Brussels, Belgium.

He attended the Brussels Film-school RITS and specialized in photography at the Brussels RHOK Academy.

Since ten years he alternates living in South Italy ( Sicily & Puglia) and Brussels.

Became antiques dealer 20 years ago in the Brussels Sablon area,with his passion for collecting old-master 

photographs and selling works from international contemporary photographers.

His obsession to find and discover unusual and authentic objects, led him to 

perfecting " an eye" , not only for objects but for people as well, passers by.

His pecular look to life never ceased to capture people's feelings,poses, life - expressions.

Speed,movement,innovation and freedom are key-elements in his life and work.

His natural preference for singular shots ( most often streetphotographs ),portraits of people

with their own energy,personality,"glow" and karma, caught between air,water and earth;

Koen's photography captures with sensitivity, sometimes roughness,the life-beat and movement in all his forms.

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